Fairfax and News Limited brace for structural changes

29 May

The writing’s on the wall for Australian media organisations, which have had a somewhat buffered impact to dropping circulations and advertising losses than their US counterparts.

Next week looks to be a big one for both Fairfax and News Limited with announcements due on major restructuring. There is already some speculation about what the announcements could mean, including:

News Limited

Plans set to be announced June 4.

  • 400 editorial jobs cut
  • Merging its weekday and Sunday tabloids to seven day operations
  • Online Digital Media to be brought closer to the main company


Rollout due July 1, plans to be announced this week or next.

  • Doubling its cost-savings to target $170 million
  • Plans to become a “fully integrated digital media company” and “platform agnostic”
  • Seven day roster to be rolled out for staff
  • Redundancies not ruled out

The ABC has not been spared upcoming changes either with a team of British consultants making some recommendations, including:

  • Staff and programs to share more resources, and more staff will be expected to file stories for TV, radio and online
  • A central planning desk to co-ordinate stories to avoid different programs covering the same event
  • To move to a ”news now” capability – trying to break more stories online to compete with commercial media websites

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