Behold: People are paying for (particular) content on their tablets

19 Jun

A survey, funded by the Online Publishers Association, found that 61 percent of tablet users have purchased some form of digital content.

Poynter has a piece on it, but in summary:

  • People are buying magazines (39%) and e-books (35%) and newspapers (15%)
  • Magazines (10%) and entertainment (8%) win out over newspapers (5%) and news (4%)
  • There is little consensus about whether digital content should be sold on its own or bundled with other offline content, such as a print subscription
  • More people prefer to get content via mobile-optimized websites than apps
  • Paid or not, content consumption is one of the favored uses of tablets
  • Video comes out on top as the most-common type of content viewed on tablets (54%), next followed by weather info (49%), local news (41%) and national news (37%)
  • Short form news and entertainment  are the most popular video content
  • 31% of Internet-using Americans now use tablets, up from 12% last year
  • It’s predicted that 47 %t will use tablets by 2013



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