Hanging out with the PM: An interesting digital experiment

9 Jul

Interesting initiative between the Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office, Google hangouts, Fairfax and Our Say.

From the promo:

Wanna Hangout with the Prime Minister? Now you can! Go to OurSay.org and get people to vote for your question. The top 3 question-askers will hangout with the Prime Minister in an internationally broadcast Google event on July 21st.

How OurSay voting works:

Go to OurSay.org to submit a question. Then use your email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ networks to ask friends and followers to vote for your question.

Everyone gets seven votes. You can cast them by clicking on the vote button next to each question on the site.

OurSay previously did some interesting work with The Age, where they asked audiences to vote on climate change questions they wanted answered. The Age then investigated and covered the top questions.

From the OurSay blog:

It is a tumultuous time in Australian politics. A minority government holds the balance of power on a knife edge, its authority threatened by constant allegations of scandal. The country remains divided over issues of immigration, of the legalisation of gay marriage, of the strength and stability of an economy still reeling from the Global Financial Crisis. Despite the constant saturation of political press releases and parliamentary recordings in our newsfeeds, it is hard not to feel disconnected from the politicians who will determine the next stage of our nation’s history. Now more than ever, Australians look to the future of their country with uncertainty.

In response to this, OurSay will be giving the Australian people the chance to address questions directly to our Prime Minister via the latest OurSay forum. The questions can cover any topic that you feel is important to your future, and the future of the country. OurSay is proud to announce that the people responsible for the most strongly-supported questions shall be given a once in a lifetime opportunity: the chance to personally discuss their questions with Julia Gillard in a Google ‘Hangout’.

The Hangout will be mediated by The Age’s political journalist Misha Schubert.

Interesting to see an initiative between Google and local Australian media.

Also worth noting the achievements of OurSay amassing over 12,000 users, over 50,000 votes on user questions, and holding 22 OurSay forums. With an young audience and reach it’s certainly makes it an attractive partner for Fairfax.


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