Australian journalists doing it right on Twitter

16 Jul

Some days it seems that everyone loves bagging a journalist or at the very least telling them how they should be doing their job. But some of them must be doing it right. Right?
With the opening of the Walkley’s nominations just last week, there’s sufficient recognition of the good journalism being done out there.
So we thought we’d turn our attention to the best “journalist tweeters”. With 4.4 million Australians using it, journalists on Twitter possibly have a greater combined audience than any of their employers could hope to have.
So we asked “Journalists doing it right on Twitter. Tell us who they are and why.”
Undoubtedly the most popular was the ABC’s Mark Colvin who got a thumbs up for RTing, giving context and engaging with his followers. Comments re some of the other nominations are highlighted below their bios.

So journalists nominated were (in no particular order):

George Megalogenis (@GMegalogenis)
Author, journalist, Tigers fan. Latest book = The Australian Moment.

Jonathon Holmes (@jonaholmesMW)
Host of ABC MediaWatch (Australia). ‘Everyone Loves It Until They’re On it’)

Samantha Maiden (@samanthamaiden)
National Political Editor Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, Sunday Mail & Sunday Times.
– “Accessible and informative”

Nick Leys (@leysie)
Media Diarist. Author of Broadcast Wars II: The Revenge. Love your journalism.
– “Entertaining”

Chris Kenny (@chriskkenny)
Writer/columnist @Australian. Host SkyNews #SatAgenda. Rationalist. Lucky husband. Dad of 2 fine men and one baby boy. National/foreign affairs, music, #Crows
– “Fighter”

Ben Cubby (@bencubby)
Environment Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald.
– “Engaging and conversational”

Stephanie Peatling (@srpeatling)
Stephanie Peatling is the political correspondent for the Sun Herald.

Jessica Wright (@jesswrightstuff)
Political journalista for Fairfax’s National Times.

Katharine Murphy (@murpharoo)
National Affairs Correspondent for The Age

Amanda Meade (@meadea)
Senior Media Writer for The Australian and mum of one)

Nic Christensen (@nicchristensen)
Journalist with The Australian.

Latika Bouke (@latikambourke)
Political and Social Media Reporter at Parliament House Canberra but that’s just one piece of my life.

Mark Colvin (@colvinius)
Presenter of PM & Friday Late, ABC Radio. Lifetime Lance-Corporal in the Awkward Squad.
– “On the pulse, relevant, interesting”
– “Great anaylsis in few words, history presented, not just relaying press releases”

Bec Fitzgibbon (@BecFitzgibbon)
Journalist, editor, ghettotastic all-rounder. Arts, opinion and culture columnist for @themercurycomau, writer and sub-editor for @warp_magazine.
– “Fearless and fights for what’s right”

Ed Tadros (@edmundtadros)
Data journo at The Australian Financial Review

Tammy Mills (@TammyMills1)
Journalist @sheppartonnews who is always won over by a dog story. Views expressed are my own.
– “One of the best”

Annabel Crabb (@annabelcrabb)
[No bio! None needed?]

Ben Eltham (@beneltham)
National Affairs Correspondent for New Matilda. Arts columnist for Crikey. Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development.

Andrea Hamblin (@AndieHamblin)
Geelong Advertiser journo. Beer enthusiast. Twitter hack.

Phil Dorling(@ausflatfish)
Australian journalist (RT not endorsement, rather pointer to things of interest.)

Helen Tzarimas (@Tzarimas)
ournalist who reads the news on ABC @702Sydney @RadioNational & ABC Local Radio across NSW. I tweet mostly news. I avoid #DadJokes. RTs are NOT endorsement

Zoe Daniel (@seacorro)
South East Asia correspondent and former Africa correspondent, ABC Australia

Sally Sara (@sallysaraABC)
Rural and regional affairs reporter, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Nick O’Malley (@npomalley)
United States correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Opinions largely my own, retweets rarely endorsements.

Paul Wiggins (@paulwiggins)
(Sub)editor, designer, news writer (boring bits), producer Australia lat. and long. follows.

Melissa Hoyer (@melissahoyer)
Commentator on news & pop culture for Mediaweek, Sunrise, The Morning Show, radio, online & mags. Host. Presenter. Single mother-to-one. Happy & content soul

Lisa Wilkinson (@Lisa_Wilkinson)
Today show co-host, mum of 3, taxi driver, with a tendency to hang around men wearing red bandanas, or nominated for Gold Logies!

Renai LeMay (@renailemay)
Publisher of Australian technology media outlet Delimiter. Sorry, I don’t really use Twitter any more

Greg Jericho (@GrogsGamut)
Blogger on politics, movies, books and sport. Was a public servant, now am doing this and that.

Possum Comitatus (@Pollytics)
The snarky polling marsupial and Crikey blogger. Doesn’t play well with others.Economist for Together Queensland, Qld’s Public Sector Union.Views are my own

Simon Thomsen (@SimonThomsen)
Eat, therefore I yam. The Daily Telegraph restaurant critic; Dad for 2; half-decent husband; willing to change my mind if your argument rises above abuse.

Jess Hill (@jessradio)
Middle East correspondent @TheGlobalMail. Tweet mostly about Middle East/North Africa. Collaborate with people to investigate global stories.

Patty Huntington (@pattyhuntington)
frockwriter, foreign correspondent, new media douchebag, poodle wrangler

Imre Salusinszky (@Imresal)
Views are those of Rupert Murdoch

Ginny Stein (@GinnyStein)
ABC Africa correspondent who’s life is spent sorting through confusion and trying to understand how things work.

Alan Kohler (@AlanKohler)
Editor in Chief of Business Spectator and Australia’s #1 investment report, Eureka Report, host of Inside Business and finance guy on the ABC news

Matthew Abraham (@KevCorduroy)
Humble public servant dedicated to serving the people. Favorite foods lime & black pepper chips and iced coffee. ABC broadcaster. Journalist. Awake before you.

– Good mix of news, convo and fun

Daniel Wills (@DanWillsAdNow)
Political Reporter, Adelaide Advertiser newspaper and AdelaideNow online.
– “Reporting via Twitter”

Natalie (@girlclumsy)
Journalist. Actor. Improviser. Writer. Traveller. Incredible klutz. My opinions are my own.

Sue Lappeman (@SueGCB)
Gold Coast Bulletin Political Reporter. These are the views of my employers – they just don’t know it yet.

Emma Quayle (@emmasq)
AFL writer at The Age, specialising in draft coverage. Author of The Draft and Nine Lives. Current obsessions: the gym, jelly beans, Glee. Views my own

Rohan Connolly (@rohan_connolly)
Football journalist with The Age, 1116 SEN, rock music tragic … is there anything else in life? Opinions mine … and hopefully a few other peoples!

Paul Murry (@PMOnAir)
On-Air 3-6pm 2UE 954, 9-10pm on Sky News #PMLIVE. Love: Radio, NYC, Tigers, Jets, Yankees, Film, Colbert, Cigars, HBO, Storage Wars & SK. Hate: Fakes.

Carlos Monteiro (@carlosmonteiro)
Web editor. Tech enthusiast. Also @footballstop

Special honours

We asked Mark Colvin if he had any of his own favourites, on deadline and with the disclaimer he would miss a few he listed:
@leysie @annabelcrabb @meadea @beneltham @bencubby @ausflatfish @simonthomsen

Last word goes to Phil Dorling who has this to say about a journalist’s role on Twitter: “Interesting, useful & reliable content most important. Often too much opinion.” Asked whether journalists should engage on Twitter and avoid opinion, he answered:
“No, nor should they. It’s just that there’s ever more opinion swirling around, sometimes at expense of delivering real news.”

NOTE: Please add any more recommendations in the comments 🙂


9 Responses to “Australian journalists doing it right on Twitter”

  1. Patrick July 16, 2012 at 1:53 am #

    I am comfortably the wittiest Twit on Twitter.

  2. akjdhakjhakj July 16, 2012 at 1:55 am #

    Renai LeMay (@renailemay)
    Publisher of Australian technology media outlet Delimiter. Sorry, I don’t really use Twitter any more

    • mediaround July 16, 2012 at 2:12 am #

      Well, he appears to, so we left him there.

  3. Paul July 16, 2012 at 2:10 am #

    Why does every journalist have to have a big public profile these days? Is there any news reporting going on in Australia where it is about the story rather than who wrote it? It is all a narcissistic popularity contest.

    • bushboy July 16, 2012 at 2:19 am #

      Are there still any reporters any more…when did they become journalists?

  4. Mel July 16, 2012 at 2:11 am #

    I had to laugh at “Patty Huttington” – you do know it’s ‘Huntington’, right?

  5. Pat Connelan July 16, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    How about Mr Denmore of The Failed Estate?
    Ex-journalist, ex-broadcaster, ex-catholic, ex-hausted. These views ex-clusively my own.
    Australia ·

  6. Kate Abrahams July 17, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Love the list. Will follow them all and give you a run down in a couple of weeks.

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