Thou CAN protest too much?

17 Jul

A group calling themselves “Can Do“, described as an opposition to left-wing activist group Get Up, held a short 30-minute protest at Fairfax’s Pyrmont headquarters demanding that Gina Rinehart be given a Fairfax board seat in the interests of free speech.

Gina Rinehart, the world’s richest woman, is a major shareholder in Fairfax and has been demanding up to three seats on the Fairfax board. So far she has been refused. Rinehart then wrote a letter to current Board Chairman Roger Corbett with an ultimatum he lift the current Fairfax share price.

Apparently Can Do believes Gina can save the troubled media company.

The group was created by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi in 2010 , at the time he said:

“CANdo takes the campaign theme pioneered by the left and combines it with the free ranging grassroots activism of the American Tea Party Movement.

It is built around a social networking platform that will be familiar to many readers. CANdo even links in with other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook”

It’s no surprise then that the protesters – reportedly eleven of them – have also let it be known that they are anti-carbon tax.

According to the SMH report, the group maintains that Fairfax has a left-wing bias:

Elwyn de Francesco held a placard with examples from the Herald’s letter page, which she said showed the newspaper had a left-wing bias.
Mrs de Francesco said the media would not have let Liberal leaders get away with “lying” about the introduction of the carbon tax.
“If it had been [former prime minister] John Howard or [Opposition Leader] Tony Abbott, there would have been ‘liar liar liar’ all over the place,” she said.

The protest bemused many Fairfax journalists including SMH’s defence and security reporter Dylan Welch:

While the group might not be successful in its demands, it certainly chose the right place to get a bit of media coverage.

NOTE: Top photo via @jonathanvswan


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