Forget FOI, scraping is where the story lies

13 Aug

Scraping is faster than FOI, can provide more detailed and structured results than a PR request – and allows you to grab data that organisations would rather you didn’t have. If information is a journalist’s lifeblood, then scraping is becoming an increasingly key tool to get the answers that a journalist needs, not just the story that someone else wants to tell. – Paul Bradshaw

Interesting piece by Paul Bradshaw on two reasons why every journalist should know about scraping.


1) It saves time
2) It’s a great source of stories no one else has

And for those of you who are unconvinced, Bradshaw outlines how he used datascraping in his case study of the Olympic torch relay. Definitely worth reading in three parts:

1) Investigating the Olympic torch relay
2) Verification, SEO and collaboration
3) E-books


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