MEAA pushing to get rid of elected officials?

16 Aug

A survey doing the rounds is asking journalists what they think of the MEAA getting rid of elected officials.

According to the survey:

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance is considering rule changes at its September Federal Council meeting that would see the abolition of all elected fulltime union officials.

Elected fulltime officials will be replaced with a structure where an elected honorary board appoints a chief executive officer to run the union’s operation.

Under this proposal:
– The elected federal secretary will be replaced by an appointed CEO
– Elected state secretaries will be replaced by appointed regional directors
– Elected assistant federal secretaries will be replaced by appointed national directors

None of the union’s fulltime employees will be elected under this proposal.

The survey is signed by journalists Dan Proudman, Newcastle Herald; Ben Schneiders, The Age; Amy Corderoy, The Sydney Morning Herald; Michael Slezak, New Scientist; Antony Field, Wollongong Advertiser; Sarah-Jane Collins, The Global Mail and Ward O’Neill, Australian Financial Review.

Those wanting to have their say can do so here.


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