Twitter and journalism – where does the reporting end?

20 Aug
  1. stilgherrian
    @MargaretGees I find the line very clear, actually. No-one owns me. If it’s a paid gig, I write by the boss’ rules. Otherwise, I’m me.
  2. MargaretGees
    @stilgherrian What about journalists who aren’t freelancers and who put their work place up on their bio?
  3. stilgherrian
    @MargaretGees I think it’s still easy. Is that Twitter stream part of the masthead’s journalistic output? Y/N What is the stated intent?
  4. stilgherrian
    @MargaretGees Saying that you work at a news outlet is not the same as saying everything you tweet is capital-N news.
  5. stilgherrian
    @MargaretGees And people have “x teacher at y” too, but not everything they tweet is expected to be a primary school class exercise.
  6. stilgherrian
    @MargaretGees Just because someone works in the media (or anywhere!) they don’t lose the right to openly use new social tools in the life.
  7. MargaretGees
    @stilgherrian Yes, but their job is not reporting news and Twitter is essentially a reporting medium right?
  8. stilgherrian
    @MargaretGees “Twitter is essentially a reporting medium right”? Nope. It’s just a messaging platform. Global conversations made visible.
  9. stilgherrian
    @MargaretGees That journalists and media critics continually want to turn every tweet in reportage actually shits me to tears. 🙂

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