3 radio jockeys who said too much

23 Aug

In an industry where you’re paid to talk, one would think big mouths equal big bonuses. Unfortunately for these radio jockeys, it was their talking teeth that landed them in the media firing range.

Kyle Sandilands
The Fox FM broadcaster was suspended from his own ‘Kyle and Jackie O Show’ after asking a teenage girl, live on air, about her sexual experiences. As if this wasn’t controversial enough, the shock jock continued to question the female after she confessed to an incident involving being raped as a 12 year old child. The live program continued to fill the ears of listeners without so much as a flinch from Sandilands. Shocked audiences continue to talk about the scandal today, while Sandilands continues to hold his position on air.

Derryn Hinch
Hinch was infamously sent to jail for naming a Melbourne paedophile priest in the 1980’s. Years after his release, Hinch striked again, breaching suppression orders against the names of two sex offenders, for which he received 5 months home detention.

Neil Mitchell
The 3AW talkback host did more than just ‘talk Melbourne’ in October of 2010 when he decided to name two Collingwood Australian Football League players interviewed by the police for alleged sexual assault against a female. The players, Dayne Beams and John McCarthy, were revealed to Australia after Mitchell was warned not to name who he thought was to blame.

Which shock jocks should zip it? Have your say below!

Sophie Lane


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