Call to Rushdie that would have rather gone unnoticed

3 Sep
  1. Colvinius
    Folks, will you tell @salmanrushdie that in addition to the 1 TV & 1 print interview he’s doing for oz, he should do 1 radio (with me obvs)?
  2. tammois
    Hello @salmanrushdie – you should most definitely do a radio interview with the ever-erudite and well-spoken @Colvinius!
  3. sophiehamley
    Dear @salmanrushdie – as an Australian reader of your wonderful novels, I implore you to give @Colvinius a chance to interview you on radio.
  4. annacooperous
    @salmanrushdie You’ll miss addressing a vast informed audience via a respected intelligent journo if you’re not interviewed by @Colvinius
  5. SilkCharm
    Please Retweet Twits!. Dear @salmanrushdie please do ONE radio interview in Australia with esteemed @Colvinius of ABC?
  6. It seems Papworth had a point  …
  7. SalmanRushdie
    Message to all you @Colvinius fans: I am sure he is great but I AM NOT IN AUSTRALIA. Now, please chill. Thanks.
  8. Colvinius
    @SalmanRushdie I apologise for the deluge, Salman. Had no idea it would go off. But publisher says you’re doing 1print & 1TV for memoir.
  9. SalmanRushdie
    Second and final message to @Colvinius fans: you’re really not helping. It’s getting late here (Los Angeles.) Good night.
  10. Colvinius
    Please everyone, heed @SalmanRushdie’s call to lay off. Last thing I wanted to do was ruin his day.

One Response to “Call to Rushdie that would have rather gone unnoticed”

  1. Tracey Henderson September 3, 2012 at 7:04 am #

    Don’t want to sound like a troll but SR does sounds a bit cranky/precious!

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